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Studio Unlimited

The Unlimited Experience

The Unlimited Experience

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In this experience, we will teach you how to create your very own soy-wax candle, create bath bombs/shower spritzers, and DIY Painting.


  • 30 minutes of guided instruction 
  • Overview of the candle-making process
  • Custom fragrance design 
  • Make one 8 oz candle in a signature vessel
  • Vessel upgrades & additional candles available for purchase


  • 15 minutes of guided instruction 
  • Overview of Ingredients 
  • Selection of 1- 2 colors
  • Fragrance oil selection
  • 3-4 bath bombs/shower spritzers


  • FREESTYLE PAINTING: Painter will receive a blank canvas to paint freely. (No Stencil will be provided)
  • SKETCH: Please select the name of the picture that you would like a stencil of
  • PREDRAWN: Choose the name of the picture that you would like to paint by scrolling through the pictures on this page and we will provide a predrawn canvas for you of that picture

During the candle experience, you will choose up to 2 fragrances from our fragrance display. You will pick your vessel, set your wick, mix your wax and pour your new candle. From beginning to end this process is customized by you.

After finishing your candle and waiting on it to cure, you will proceed to make bath bombs/shower spritzers and paint.

Reserve your spot in advance, as our capacity is limited.

Candles can be picked up after 2 hours of curing. For our 4pm Saturday class, candles can be picked up on Sunday from 12pm - 6:30pm. Any candles not picked up the same day, can be picked up Thursday - Sunday 12pm-6:30pm. Please allow 3-14 days before firing up your candle for the best results. Candles can be shipped for an additional cost otherwise they will be held for 30 days.

Feel free to bring wine and cups to Sip & Create while you are in the Studio.

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    If you are in the area for our candle and bath bomb experience and will be unable to come back to pick up your candle, we can ship it to you for an additional cost.