Age Requirements:

Candle Making: Because candle pouring's include handling hot wax and fragrance oils, children must be 10 years and older to participate. Anyone under 16 must have a guardian present at all times. 

Children 5 years old and older can make our granulated wax candles.

We do accommodate parties for those 7-15 years of age with granulated wax. Please call the studio if interested in a candle party for kids under 16. 

 DIY Painting: Kids 5 years and older are allowed to paint as long as an adult is present. 

Bath Bombs: Kids under 10 are not allowed to make bath bombs.

Rug Tufting: Kids under 16 are not allowed to make rugs.


If you visit the studio for a candle experience and you are unable to come back to pick up your candle, we do offer shipping. We charge a standard shipping rate of $10.00.


BYOB Studio:

We are a BYOB Studio; you are welcome to bring a bottle of wine. However, we do not provide alcohol, cups, corkscrews, etc. Light refreshments (cheese, crackers, fruit, etc.) are welcome but you are required to clean up after your group and dispose of all trash before leaving the studio.